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Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra latest Launched new Viaan Mobiles With V-Assist

Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra latest Launched new Viaan Mobiles With V-Assist

Businessman Raj Kundra and his Wife Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty launched Viaan Mobiles in India on Wednesday, Named giveing for their three year old Cutty son.

The viaan phones launched at a ceremony hold in Mumbai and presence with some specially celebrity caller Farah Khan, Malaika Arora Khan, Manish Paul, and Jeetendra.
Viaan Mobiles declared priced between Rs. 849 to Rs. 12,999. Viaan Mobiles will be launched in India with five handsets crowing of a personally attendant service.

Viaan Mobiles are launched at different price matter is suitable the needs of different Buyer and each includes a one year free subscription to V-Assist.

The five models launched with Black colour variant
1)    V-1.8 (Rs. 849)
2)    V-Emerge (Rs. 3,499)
3)    V-Empower (Rs. 4,899)
4)    V-Encore (Rs. 5,499)
5)    V-Eternal (Rs. 12,499, – Rs. 12,999 for Gold colour variant).

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Update Your commercial or pocket Knowedge


Today’s World truth money is all thing nothing without cash

Commercial Knowledge means financial history. Able to take bank statement, bill and transaction history etc.. Not everyone is at the same stage of commercial Knowledge Some may need to learn a lot but many simply need a refresh course to successful financial future.

some commercial Knowledge improvement stapes

1. Establish Origin Point

Making the calculation and main important to you want to be next year. and thats identify your binging point.

2. Set Rank Order

Creating a list of use’s and wants can help you set financial order. demand are things you must have in order to handle 1) food 2) house 3) clothing 4) health and care 5) transportation.
Many people having economical trouble by spending many on wants and do not have sufficient left over for their needs or use’s

3. Allocate Your Report

The best ways to count your many flow 1) what comes in 2) what goes out  This is to create a total cost. All total fund note down on paper all of your profits and loss and this can be an basic key for helping you financial bond in the future.


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Electric Sports Tesla’s Model X Launch Event



Franz von Holzhausen, Chief Designer, Tesla Motors talks about the doors on the Tesla Model X at media previews for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Tesla held first event in 2012 at the Fremont to deliver its first Model S cars.

Now,Tesla’s Model X Launch Officially Event is Sept. 29. which will be held the night of September 29th at Tesla’s factory, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the electric car planned to deliver the first production Model X cars to its first customers on that date.

The long awaited Model X an sports vehicle, is the company’s third car, and thats proving ‘Tesla’. With the Model X, Tesla is show one highly successful Model S with another hit and also help Tesla transition into selling multiple products.

Tesla first car showed off the over three years ago. The Model X has been delayed for months so the company ramp up model X i the fourth quarter of this year. September 29 is just one day before the end of the third quarter.

Tesla plans to deliver between 50,000 and 55,000 cars both the Model X and the Model S in 2015. Getting enough Model X cars made will be an important part of hitting those car shipment numbers.

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Libya brought back safely to Sirte, tweets Sushma Swaraj

SushmaSwaraj   “Two days ago, on July 29 our mission in Tripoli came safely to know that four Indian nationals who returning to India via Tripoli and Tunis.

  Two of the four abducted Indians in Libya brought back

  Three of them faculty members at the Sirte University and one was working at the Sirte University branch in Jufra.

latest incident came even as 39 Indians missing in Iraq. They were taken hostage last year at the height of the fighting between Sunni militants and govt. forces.

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The Tips for Fixing Snow Chains on a Big Truck

Snow chains are essential for the trucks that are driving at high altitudes. On many roads, the use of snow chain is a must for the winter months for preventing accidents. Moreover, if the snow chains are not used, the roads will be inaccessible for other drivers. Sometimes the Transportation Department employees are posted on the roads for ensuring that the drivers are making use of appropriate chains. If the drivers don’t have appropriate shackles on their trucks, they are asked to go back to lower heights. Usually there are two different ways of fixing snow chains on the tire –by draping over the tire and by driving on the shackles. These two methods are comparatively easy and effective.

Let’s check out the tips for fixing snow chains on the truck:

Park your vehicle in a suitable place

You should park your vehicle in a place where you will be able to work alongside the wheels and drive axle. Ensure the fact that you have adequate place of pulling back and forth of minimum 36 inches for adjusting the snow chains of your truck.

Engage the parking brakes

You must engage the parking brakes of your truck by depressing the valve of the air brake on the dashboard. Leave the truck cab and take a tire chain. Go to the back of the drive axle for placing the shackle on the ground beside the wheel and tire assembly.

Move shackle behind the rear axle wheel

You have to move the snow chain behind the rear axle wheel and make it lay flat in order that one end is pushed below the tire and the opposite one extends from the back of your truck. Go to the end of the shackle which is away from your truck and try to pick it up. Move towards the rear wheel by holding the snow shackle straight over it. Draw the shackle end far away from the tire in order that it falls on the other side of the tire when you hang it free. You will then get one end inserted under the tire and the other one dangling from the tire top towards the ground.

Pull down the dangling part of the shackle

You have to pull down the dangling part of the shackle till it can’t be drawn any further.  You will find that the two ends of the chain are close enough for getting connected at the clasp of the shackle restrictor. The fastener moves in a way to pull the ends of the shackle together in a tight way.  When you will find that the end of the snow chain is connected but not tightened completely, you will be able to move to the next external drive axle wheel and tire for equipping it with the chain. Remember that every state has its distinct law about the size and the number of the snow chain to be used. You should abide by the regulations of your state for running safely with your truck.

However, if your truck meets with an accident, in spite of fixing the snow chain properly on your truck and by following other safety regulations, you may consult with an 18 wheeler accident attorney Tx or an expert truck accident lawyer for solving your case.  To know more visit here

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Up-And-Coming Industries Worth Considering Entering

At 3-Wise Bears accountancy  we are always in the thick of it when it comes to seeing the rise of new industries. As technology and human demand fluctuates over time, new industries can become increasingly lucrative and profitable, making it ideal for businesses to enter them before they become too saturated. Entering an up-and-coming market or industry early on is something that always increases your chances of success, giving you the opportunity to be the first to provide a particular product or idea before anyone else thinks of it. However, spotting an industry to enter before everyone else gets on board is something extremely difficult and is usually only achieved by experts. However, what you can do is to recognise any trends early on and become one of the early starters in a particular industry instead of leaving it too late. Acting quickly and effectively is undoubtedly the most important strategy of entering an up-and-coming industry, as dawdling and delaying can have huge repercussions when it comes to being one of the first to get a head start in the industry. While many industries are touted by many so-called experts as being lucrative and up-and-coming, many of these tips can be short-lived and soon disappear. Continue reading below to learn more about some of the industries that are touted as being the future of the business arena, and why it could be lucrative for you to enter them.

Natural and environmentally conscious products and ideas

It is widely accepted that human beings are having a significant detrimental effect on the environment due to their activities, something that has led many businesses to implement green and environmentally friendly principles into their daily operation. There is now a huge demand for products, especially food and drink products, which are created responsibly when it comes to labour and environmental issues. Having a business model that simultaneously is committed to being environmentally friendly whilst providing a high quality service or products can create great appeal and support.

Online advertisement and content

As the Internet becomes increasingly ubiquitous in our daily lives, much of the advertising and content that we are used to receiving from newspapers, television and magazines has shifted online. This means that there is now a huge demand for companies capable of providing high quality content online, and this is something that many advertisements and public relation companies can consider entering. It is widely acknowledged that advertising now has a huge emphasis on quality instead of quantity, meaning that companies need to adapt their approach to getting their message out. Whereas it was effective to have your name and brand on show to as many people as possible in order to forge trust, now the substance and message of your company must also be demonstrated to people who have a larger range of choices available to them.

Fitness and health

As people’s lives become increasingly sedentary, health and fitness concerns become increasingly important for them. Entering an industry that provides health products or fitness and services is something that enjoys huge demand in the modern age due to unhealthy office lifestyles being prevalent.For more information visit  – http://www.3wisebears.co.uk

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Why People Still Prefer Personalised Number Plate?

According to a report, last year, UK’s Licensing Agency and drivers raise around £ 67m by selling their personalised number plates. But do we know the reason why people prefer personalised number plates? Personalised plates are usually used in the television series and films to hint that a particular user is either an egomaniac or a braggart. However, currently, not only the rich and the famous are buying tailored number plates but despite the economic downturn, they are still doing pretty good as a business. For thousands of drivers who actually have tailored number plates, they are registered as a statement of investment or individuality.

There are different types of languages to look at a number plate:

The use of Roman numerals while designing number plate:

Roman numerals are numeral system of ancient Rome. These numerals are based on letters of the alphabet which are combined to get the sums of their value. For car registration, Roman numerals that are used are mainly V, X, L. M.V is the Roman symbol for 5, X means 10, L means 50 and M is 1,000. However, the numeral that cannot be used as a language of plate is I meaning 1 due to their visual similarity and meaning.

number plate search

Substituting digit combination and letter:

The primary reason for substituting numbers and letters when designing private number plates is to make the brain see the unique combinations of recognisable symbols. This is done typically because a person goes concisely blind up to 200 times a minute, each time the eyes travel while looking at different objects around, the mind blends the images and they look continuous. This is how the language of number plate was born and the process of substituting letter or digital combination works.

Following is a list of few replacements in plate design:

  • A 4
  • B 8 or 13
  • D 0
  • E 3
  • G 6
  • H 11
  • I 1
  • L 1 or I
  • N 1V
  • O 0
  • Q 0 or O
  • R 12
  • S 5
  • T 7
  • U V
  • V U
  • W VV
  • Y 7
  • 0 D or O
  • 1 I or L
  • 3 E
  • 4  A
  • 5  S
  • 6  C or G or B
  • 7  T or Y
  • 8  A or B
  • 9 G

The only difficulty in creating a number plate language is following the rules on letter combination and spacing with year.

Take a look at some of the categories of plates and various level of humor associated with it:

Vanity plates:

The concept of vanity plates initiated with the concept as ‘MY BMW’ or ‘HER CAR’.

Birth year or favourite numbers:

Favourite numbers or birth year are relatively in conspicuous and is a standard for many families. The confusion can be when 5 do not actually look like an S or 3 as E.

Source of success:

These plates show the brand name or nature of the product that actually afforded the luxury car. It is a good way to put up the marketing strategy.

The popularity of the private number plates has risen in recent years. An increasing number of people now want their vehicle to stand out of the crowd. So people from all walks of life can now make their number plates customised and enjoy it. The main reason why people prefer personalised number plates are

  • To add their name initials to the number plate
  • To add their business name to their number plate
  • To hide the age of their vehicle.

It is not difficult to get a new registration these days. There are different number plate search facilities where you can search your name, initials, car make or your pet name. Private number plates are either hold on a Retention certificate or on Donor vehicle. So if you purchase a personalised number plate held on a donor vehicle it is important that you supply vehicle documents for transfer. On the other hand, if number plate is held on Retention certificate there is no need to supply vehicle documents immediately as that can be kept on hold until you receive your new vehicle.

With personalised number plate people can express their personality easily at no cost.

Author Bio

Thomas Bailey is associated with vehicle registration agencies that deal with number plates especially private number plates. Bailey loves collecting legacy car number plates as it is one of his favourite hobbies and he takes pride of it. You can also find Thomas Bailey’s blog posts on various blogs and article directories.

Thomas Bailey suggests his readers to follow http://www.premierplates.co.uk/ for additional information related to vehicle number plates.

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Boost Up Your Business by Investing in Personalised Number Plates

A personalised vehicle registration provides you the opportunity to reflect your personality. You could make a statement about your own through the registration number and thus could put a unique stamp on your car. Since 2001, the number plates offer seven possible character combinations for the car owners. The demand for customised registration is growing up throughout the world in the recent years and at present the car number registrations have turned out to be the status symbol for people.

Investing in Personalised Number Plates

The plates are sold not just for the sake of fun, but also as an excellent business investment. You could buy the plates at a lesser cost and sell them at a high price or else you could keep the license plate with you throughout your life and transfer it from one vehicle to another. A number registration with a lower combination of characters has a higher value in comparison to the plates with higher characters.

If you are thinking of ordering a personal number plate, let’s check out the advantages for it:


The customised registration gives you a great opportunity for advertising. If the name of your company is short or has striking initials, you could make use of them in your car number plate along with the numbers added for identifying your business. For instance, you could make use of ‘SASKO1’ for the CEO. Moreover, you could play with a catchy word describing your service or product like ‘LIONS’ for promoting a game park or ‘TASTY’ for advertising a food product.

While customising your car registration, keep in mind that people have a tendency to look at your vehicle plate twice. Hence, you should make it attractive for your business and also for branding the name effectively in the public eye. The number plate gives you an edge over your competitors by recognizing your business and raising your profile. In order to take an example, a UK plumbing company got plenty of news coverage from its quirky plates ‘LAV1’ and ‘BOG1’ and became the best known plumbing company in the area without any other marketing efforts.


A popular personalised number plate is often found to change hands at a rate higher than the original cost. In UK a six figure sum has also been paid for purchasing a single plate. For instance ‘VIP 1’ has made a record in the sale of number plates. So always try to think of a word or a name which is in demand. This could provide you a worthwhile price. Furthermore, it could increase your business value if you have ever made the plan of selling it. You should undertake a thorough research work while registering a new personalised number for your car. Make sure of the fact that it matches well with your vehicle and still be in demand after 10 or 20 years.


You could also bring a smile to the face of the people through personalised number registration. So while ordering your personalised plate, try to spot a humorous and witty combination of letters. If you pick up something funny and snappy for the vehicle of your company, it could provide a sense of fun to your staffs when they will see your car coming to your office. This jovial mood helps to build up a positive image for your business.

You must check out all the conventions in your area about the permissible combination of letters and numbers. Some states permit seven letters while others limit the combination to only a few numbers and letters. Order personalised number plates from a reliable online source and give a boost to your business in a distinct way.

Author’s Bio:

Kent Charlie is associated with a vehicle registration agency that also deals with the designs ofpersonalised number plates. He has also been writing for many online publications on a freelance basis. Kent loves travelling and adventure riding, which he often does alone. Collecting heritage car number plates is one of his favourites and he takes pride of that.

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5 Facts about Telemarketing That Makes It Superior over Other Marketing Approaches

Facts about Telemarketing

Over the last several years, there has been an ongoing rise in the use of telemarketing as a marketing method among many companies. By definition, telemarketing is a method where a sales agent or officer, solicit customers to buy products available through a phone conversation or video conference as necessary. Though many people see telemarketing as an annoyance, it has proven to be one of the more superior marketing strategies in the industry today. Here are several facts about it that proves this point:

Telemarketing Increases Sales Territory

In telemarketing, a company’s sphere of contact and influence among customers widens as far as the telephone or the internet can access – which, in reality, is pretty much everywhere. With this method in place, you can sell your products from the comforts of your office in New York to a businessman in another state or a small-time enterprise as far as China or Africa. Thus, telemarketing makes your territory larger than you could ever imagine. With such a marketing approach, you likewise increase the possibility of spiking your sales up many notches higher as you contact and get in touch with as many customers in your locality and abroad. Moreover, telemarketing as an approach makes the consumer world a lot smaller but encouraging for telemarketing companies to reach new heights and expand as far as their telephone lines can reach. This is good news for both small-time, start-up enterprises and even big, veteran companies.

Telemarketing Provides a More Personal and Interactive Service

Another proof that Telemarketing is an effective marketing method is because it actually allows salespersons to provide interactive and more personal service to its customers. In telemarketing, there is less room for general, non-personalized ads and orientation sheets because salespersons call you on your own phone and attend to your own needs. This makes your service more customer-specific so customers feel that they are special and well taken-care of. Moreover, an individualized phone call makes room for a more interactive sales approach. That means customers can clarify things that they could not understand immediately with their very own sales agent on the phone. With that, you increase consumers’ satisfaction thereby increasing patronage which is great for business.

Telemarketing Provides Avenues for Customer Follow-Ups

In Telemarketing, a company can generate a master list of people they have already called out and even customers whom had business with them so far in the length of their business. With such a database, telemarketing can provide an avenue for customer follow-up. Now, this is quite a big problemwhen it comes to other forms of marketing approaches as customers are not as accessible in person compared on a phone. With Telemarketing as an approach, you can follow up with customers simply by dialing their numbers. This customer care method is very important especially if you’re building patronage, loyalty and trust among your most valued customers. You can follow up on their orders, payments and other items that need their attention and your attention as well.

Telemarketing Is Cost-Effective and Efficient

One of the biggest advantages of Telemarketing is its cut on overhead cost. The amount of money needed for sales agents to visit houses individually is sky high as compared to the cost of setting up a telemarketing department that would follow up with clients in a phone call. This cost-cutting method is very good, because it would not allow the quality of customer service to wane down just because they cannot meet face to face. Moreover, telemarketing ensures that all your marketers are efficient with their work. There is no competition between the numbers of customers a field sales officer can meet everyday compared to the number of customers a telemarketer can get in contact with everyday. Both cost and manpower is efficient.

Telemarketing Offers Good Evaluation

Finally, Telemarketing makes evaluation much easier. With increased access to customers, sales agents can check up on their clients on certain times of the year to assess and evaluate their products, ensure customer satisfaction and identify points of improvement. Now, not many companies are given the liberty to do this at a touch of a button. But for telemarketing, this is very possible. There are many things that you can do: customer profile to identify what products to add, popular products to identify the need to innovate and many more. Now, these are the reasons why Telemarketing is a cut above the rest when it comes to marketing approaches.

Evelyn is a marketing expert who has worked in the marketing departments of prominent companies. She has specialized in digital marketing and has taken special interests in lead generation. Sites such as easyleads.com.au are her favorites.

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Reasons Why Organic Fruits and Vegetables May be Beneficial to Your Health

Organic Fruits and Vegetables Beneficial Your Health

There is a mantra that goes like ‘you are what you eat’. Indeed what you eat plays a significant role on your health. Your body needs essential nutrients to function appropriately. Fruits and vegetables for instance form a vital part of your diet. They contain vitamins and minerals which your body requires in order for it to function properly. Fruits and vegetables are also low in fat, an aspect that helps the consumers significantly reduce the risk of many chronic diseases such as cancers, coronary heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and the list goes on. However, to enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables in your body you should make a choice to purchase organic ones and not artificial fruits and vegetables that are full of chemicals. There are numerous reasons to go organic. Discussed below are some of the reasons why organic fruits and vegetables are beneficial to your health:

Don’t Contain Chemicals

Organic fruits and vegetables don’t contain chemical pesticides or preservatives because they are 100% natural. Research shows that chemicals cause long term health damages such as neurological deficits, dermatological conditions, birth defects, some cancers and respiratory problems. You can either opt to buy organic fruits and vegetables or grow them by yourself. Organic farming is where you use crop rotation to keep the soil in good shape.

Higher Levels of Minerals and Vitamins

Fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamins A, B, C and D as well as minerals, such as calcium and zinc. These vitamins and minerals enable you to have a healthier body. When your body is healthier and fit, you will be able to be more productive in your daily activities. In addition, it will increase your days on this planet. It is worth mentioning that your body absorbs natural vitamins and minerals better than supplements.


Organic fruits and vegetables are really tasty. When eating fresh produce whether cooked or fresh, real taste is awesome. There is nothing as tasty as eating a nice and well prepared organic fruit salad. Organic fruits and vegetables are not only tasty but also healthy and natural.


In this day and age as the economy continues to be in doldrums, most people’s main stress seems to be cash. In the contemporary world, employment rates are slacking and the cost of living is just skyrocketing day by day. Fruits and vegetables are relatively cheaper than supplements and even if you are working on a shoestring budget you can afford it. These natural fruits and vegetables are also easily available in online stores as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

Control Your Weight

Taking plenty of fruits and vegetables will help you in controlling your weight especially this festive season. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber which helps you to keep feeling fuller for longer as well as help in the digestion process. When you eata lot of fresh fruits and veggies and less of fatty and sugary things, you will indeed stay in shape and healthy.

Additionally, if you want to lose extra pounds and change your waistline, taking loads of organic fruits and vegetables will help you a great deal. Instead of taking junk and fast foods, make great snacks from fruits and veggies to compliment your meals. For instance, you can try snacking on carrot sticks as compared to crisps and fries to keep your waistline narrow.

It’s crystal clear that there are numerous health benefits for eating organic fruits and vegetables. In the contemporary world, you don’t have to hassle about getting fresh fruits and vegetables since you can place your order online at the comfort of your home. It is both convenient and time saving. In addition, the produce will just be delivered at your doorstep. All you need to do is specify the quantity and variety of fruits and veggies as well as the preferred location and then sit and relax as you wait for your fresh products. However, you have to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable and reputable fruits and vegetables delivery supplier.

We live in a world full of choices to be made and the onus is on you to make sound and well informed decisions that will add value to you and your family. Make a decision to consume organic fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and you will never regret it. This is a worthwhile investment because it will bring numerous health benefits to you as well as your loved ones.

Author bio:

Diana Richard is a copywriter and blogger. She loves to write on diet and exercises. She advises her readers to take plenty of organic fruits and vegetables since this has numerous health benefits. She loves reading various issues about fruits and veggies on http://www.charliesfruitmarket.com.au/.

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