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Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra latest Launched new Viaan Mobiles With V-Assist

Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra latest Launched new Viaan Mobiles With V-Assist

Businessman Raj Kundra and his Wife Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty launched Viaan Mobiles in India on Wednesday, Named giveing for their three year old Cutty son.

The viaan phones launched at a ceremony hold in Mumbai and presence with some specially celebrity caller Farah Khan, Malaika Arora Khan, Manish Paul, and Jeetendra.
Viaan Mobiles declared priced between Rs. 849 to Rs. 12,999. Viaan Mobiles will be launched in India with five handsets crowing of a personally attendant service.

Viaan Mobiles are launched at different price matter is suitable the needs of different Buyer and each includes a one year free subscription to V-Assist.

The five models launched with Black colour variant
1)    V-1.8 (Rs. 849)
2)    V-Emerge (Rs. 3,499)
3)    V-Empower (Rs. 4,899)
4)    V-Encore (Rs. 5,499)
5)    V-Eternal (Rs. 12,499, – Rs. 12,999 for Gold colour variant).

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Apple Makes iPad Pro And Apple TV Available For Sale Just In Time For Christmas

Stretch your Christmas budget as Apple launches iPad Pro and Apple TV in late October. The retail stores will start selling the two gorgeous Apple products during the first week of November. Official release date is not available yet, but numerous reports state that November will be a big time for Apple lovers.

The iPad Pro and Apple TV were introduced to the market during the annual event held on September 9. Apple also unveiled two more products, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus during the same event.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro on Christmas

The iPad Pro is one of the most powerful models, featuring a 12.9 inch display. The display has a high resolution of 2732 x 2048 and it can display 5.6 million pixels. Featuring A9X chip along with Apple’s 3rd generation 64 bit chip, the iPad Pro will give numerous reasons for gadget lovers to rejoice. The battery is greatly improved and it can last up to 10 hours. The starting price for iPad is estimated at $799 and you have to pay more for more features.

Apple TV

Apple TVApple plans on releasing two versions of the Apple TV priced at $149 for a 32GB model and $199 for a 64GB model. The faster processor will make it easy for you to stream your favorite media quickly and efficiently. The interface is also much better, making it possible to use more apps compared to the previous versions of the device. Apple follows the suit of Samsung smart TV remotes, as the new Apple TV will have a Wii style remote that can respond to gestures and voice commands.

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Why DIY is not suggested for iPhone repairs?

Why DIY is not for iPhone repairs

Smart phones are slippery just like the playing cards. So, similar to card trick gone bad, even they might flip and slip from your hands, leading to a damaged phone. It is really sad when you see your iPad with a broken glass.

Broken screen? Don’t get panic

Now, when you have shattered the screen, you are possibly about to pay great amount of money to get the screen repaired. In different cases, it might make great sense to get a replacement product. Apple iPhones and iPads are slippery as well. These devices are repairable readily at affordable and reasonable prices by the service centers that specialize in Apple devices. Several other brands usually do not enjoy the availability of genuine and affordable parts and a virtual technician that are certified and experienced.

Repair is not an easy deal

It is usually suggested that you should never try to fix the damages of your iPhone or iPad yourself, till the time you are a professional and you possess requisite skills. Certainly, iphone screen repairs or any other repairs are not an easy deal. Your single mistake might leave your beloved device to be useless or it might also cause further harm and damage. By doing the repair yourself, you can create additional problems and might even end up by losing money.

Why choose repair shop

So, Irrespective of the fact that it is to get the iPhone screen fixed, moving for the iPhone conversion of casing color or to get the replacement of iPad screen, selecting the iPhone repair shop may be really beneficial for you, particularly when economy and proficiency are your main priorities.

Not just iPhone, but even iPad screen can even face similar kind of consequences if it is dropped. Various repair shops deal with Apple products. So, replacement of iPad screen can be handled easily by a qualified and expert technician. Cracking of your iPad screen is not just the way through which you may get your gadget damaged.

Is your iPhone or iPad under warranty?

However, there are different repair services available for mobiles, tablets as well as other electronic gadgets. If iPhone is yet under the company’s warranty so it is best to usually take it to the authorized dealer of Apple center for getting it repaired. In case if you wish to find out address of the authorized service center of Apple in your location or city then you should check the official website of apple. You need to enter the name of city and with the postal code in search box and this will also list out entire service centers and also the retail outlets that are near to your location. On the other hand, if your iPad is experiencing any kind of problems that are not included under warranty or in case warranty period is no more in existence, you can also consider getting it repaired at reliable and certified repair center, even those service centers that are not associated and certified by Apple.  However, you must also be little careful for choosing a suitable and appropriate center. So, check out their reputation and also find about how trustworthy they are. If possible check some testimonials and reviews of past clients.

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Microsoft Shocks The Industry With Its Convertible Two-In-One Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft has launched the new Surface Book, which is a convertible laptop that can act as a PC or as a tablet according to your wish. With a 13.5 inch display, extremely powerful NVIDIA GPU, latest Intel core processor and GDDR5 memory, the Surface Book has set a new standard for laptops. One of the most interesting features of the laptop is its 12 hours of battery life. The laptop can be converted into a touchscreen tablet by removing the display attached to the keyboard using a hinge. Microsoft claims that it is the fastest 13” laptop designed to take the MacBook Pro out of the market.

The new Surface Book weighs three and a half pounds and the lid is detachable. When you operate the hinge, the display comes off, allowing you to use it as a tablet. The touch screen display automatically converts into one of the most powerful laptops as you attach the keyboard that houses the GPU. The new introduction from Microsoft is not meant to compete with the tablets. This new laptop redefines the way PC has been used so far. Loyal PC fans haven’t enjoyed a great hardware upgrade despite Microsoft experimenting with various OS features. Microsoft has taken the issue in its own hands when the partners failed to innovate.

Even though the Surface Book is created as a rival for the MacBook Pro, in reality, it can rival Lenovo laptops and IBM machines that are synonymous with Windows laptops. The Surface Book is quite expensive priced at $1500, but it will turn out to be the best investment for any gadget lover. The conceptual convertible laptop is injected with a new life by the development team of Microsoft.

Microsoft has so far been loyal to the OEM ecosystem. The hardware manufacturers were happy with a few advancements in laptops, but no one was ready for the massive attack from the Microsoft. Even though Microsoft respects its OEM partners, it has sent out the message loud and clear. If the hardware manufacturers are not going to innovate new products, Microsoft will take necessary action.

This move by Microsoft will definitely bring about a change among the OEM partners. Those manufacturers with resources and willingness to innovate will move forward in creating machines better than the Surface Book. The others will be left behind as Microsoft has clearly shown its desire to develop futuristic machines.

If you want to enjoy the best computing experience as a Microsoft customer, pre-order the Surface Book on October 7 and it will be available for the market on October 26. The basic version with 128 GB, 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM is priced at $1499, but if you want to experience the beast, be prepared to shell out $2699. Three other versions are always available to accommodate your budget limitations. The Surface Book can easily become the most loved Windows laptop if you can afford it.

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Top Latest Cars Under 10 lakes in 2015

In the Country Every Car maker is working hard to please the astute Indian customer market conditions Yet. In this run the sub compact segment  alert the most suction So hear put a list of best and upcoming cars that afforded Us.

1) Hyundai Creta


Creta Variants Price in India Rs. – 8.60  Lake to 13.60 Lake
Mileage – Petrol 12.30 kmpl*, Diesel 20.30 kmpl*
Engine  1582 CC
BHP  126.20

2) Chevrolet Beat Sedan


Beat Sedan Variants Price in India  Rs. 4.5 Lake – Rs. 6.5 Lake
Fuel efficiency  25.44 Kmpl*
Engine  1199 CC*
Seating Space  05

3). Chevrolet SUV


SUV Price in India  Rs. 6 lake – Rs. 9 lake
Mileage  12.5 kmpl*
Engine  2231 CC
BHP  184
Seating Space  7 to 9

4). Hyundai ix25


Hyundai ix25 Price in India Rs. 7.50 lake – Rs. 11 lake
Hyundai ix25 Mileage  Petrol – 15 kmpl*,  Diesel  – 20 kmpl*



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10 New Features – Android 6.0 Marshmallow


1 Google Now on Tap:-

The power of Google and makes it a core part of the Android operating system,Now on Tap turns Google Now into a connective tissue that ties everything on your device together with Google intelligence.Google unveiled a new feature that lets Android’s personal assistant examine,Google Now is being change into every piece of the Android OS.

2 Chrome Custom Tabs:-

Colored Toolbar
Action button
Custom menu items
Custom animations

Chrome Custom Tabs gives a way for an application to customize and interact with a Chrome Activity on Android, and make a part of the application experience all the full functionality and performance of a complete web browser.

3 Battery life enhancement:-

By the report, Android 6.0’ resulted in two times the battery life compared to Android 5.0 on the same device and same apps.

4 Fingerprint support goes native:-

Google is making fingerprint sensor support with Android 6.0. This is also used as password for logins

5 USB Type C and faster charging:-

It helps for faster data transfer and charges devices faster,the cable can be put in the port either way, making it a convenience for all users.

6 App permissions:-

Android 6.0. Marshmallow will allow users to accept permissions to apps as when they are updated also allows you to revisit app permissions

7 Android Pay:-

This is NFC-based payment system that will rival Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, also allows you to save your credit cards and loyalty cards.When you want to make a transaction, you will be able to the transaction via your fingerprint or virtual card number.

8 Direct Share:-

Sharing on Android its helps to transferred data in one click with help of there contact

9 New boot animation:-

In between rebooting phone now you show four colourful circles moving about and morphing into various shapes

10 Customizable toggles:-

There is one good customizable sesytem to customize toggles,users will be able to customize the toggles they want on Nexus devices

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Windows 10 Launches Today But Waiting For Important Stuff

windows10                                   Today, Microsoft launched its new operating system, Windows 10

To be sure, many people and businesses will use the new OS. When Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Windows chief, unveiled an early version of the company’s latest operating system in October.

Windows 10 as future of the PC OS

But Windows 10 stands today  is a desktop, laptop, and tablet OS. Versions for other devices won’t come until later. And PCs are the past. The real test is how Windows 10 will influence other platforms, including smartphones and “Internet” devices.

Can it challenge Apple and Google and Amazon in these all-important markets?

windows10shownThe PC Fades:-

The PC market is shrinking.

PC makers have already discontinued Windows RT tablets and hybrids.

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5 Advantages of LED Flash Lights over the Conventional Flashlights

LED Flash Lights

Since the introduction of LED lights in the market, people have witnessed revolution in this industry. LED flashlights have by far outperformed conventional flashlights in many ways. The only limiting factor to these lights is the fact that they are a bit costly as compared to their conventional counterparts. However, if you purchase conventional flashlights they will be an investment for a lifetime because they will possibly serve you for several years before replacing. When you look at the big picture, you will come to a conclusion that even though LED flashlights are expensive they are a worthwhile investment. Discussed below are 5 advantages of LED flashlights over the conventional flashlights.

  • Durable

LED flashlights last longer than the normal flashlights. Durability of LED lights has endeared them to various end users. At the end of the day, what a customer needs is a product that is worth the money that they spend on it. Various tests have been conducted to prove this fact and LED flashlights have been found to be effective and long lasting compared to their normal flashlights counterparts. This aspect makes them popular despite their high cost. In the long run, this cost is leveraged against the useful time. A simple calculation will reveal how economical they are per unit time of usage.

  • Brighter Beam

The main essence of flashlights is to give adequate lighting to the surrounding and purpose for which they are bought. LED flashlights have a very bright beam compared to the conventional flashlights. This makes them useful when navigating on dark highways or changing tires in dark places. The brightness of the beam ensures that every part to which you direct the light becomes clear as day. This helps especially when handling small objects which can easily be misplaced in darkness. Items such as bolts, screws and nuts can be replaced with a lot of ease using these lights. In fact they are recommended for every driver to have onein their car at all times.

  • Wide Usage

LED flashlights are used by a variety of people across different industries and areas of assignments. In fact this wide usage has brought in a sense of confidence among the masses. They keep on being improved every now and then so as to cater for the unique needs of the hundreds of thousands using them. Military personnel for instance find it easy to work with LED flashlights because of the nature of their assignments. They are also popular amongst handymen and maintenance workers. The advantage this brings is that in the event your light does wear out, you can easily find someone to help you fix it by replacing the bulb.

  • Adjustable Beam

In recognition of the various application areas that LED flashlights tend to be used, the manufacturers made it possible to adjust their beams. Depending on what you are focusing on, you can direct the beam in such a manner that it will serve the purpose. These variations set it apart from the conventional flashlights that don’t possess this capability. Assuming you wanted to direct light down a hallway or focus on an object far away; LED lights are customized to help you adjust the beam to suit your specific needs.

  • Appropriate for Outdoor Activities

With the rise of an adventurous and feel good generation, activities such as camping, hunting, hiking, caving, among many others are very popular. Most of these activities tend to last several days or at least an overnight. This is where the need for LED lights comes in. In normal circumstances they would form part of the checklist and must-have items. Their size and shape makes them easily fit in backpacks and their resilience to physical tampering makes them withstand the shocks and jerks that characterize hiking and rough terrain navigation. They provide the much needed source of light at night especially when meandering through dark paths.

The list is not conclusive and these are just some of the benefits of LED flashlights. It’s worth mentioning that you should ensure that you get the right LED light so that you can experience all the features that it comes with. LED flashlights come in a plethora of designs and you need to know what your needs are so that you can choose an appropriate one to suit your specific needs.

This article talks about advantages of LED flashlights. The author, Alex Thompson, is a technician and blogger for a number of years collaborating with various establishments such as led-shop.com.au.

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How to Buy a CCTV Security Camera System for Your Home

CCTV Security Camera System for Your Home

CCTV means a system of security cameras that are all linked for monitoring to one closed circuit television system. The security camera systems are nowadays more less expensive, more sophisticated, and smaller. They have more features and the customers can choose from many high quality options. The CCTV security camera systems are growing in popularity not only for commercial purposes but also for home use. However, with so many options available for customers, it might become confusing to choose the best suitable CCTV security camera system for your needs and requirements. We will help you with some tips on what factors and features are important to consider and how to buy a CCTV security camera system that fits best your needs.

Evaluate your needs:

First step in buying a CCTV system is to evaluate your needs. You have to take in consideration the purpose of the security camera system and to evaluate your budget. The CCTV security camera system can be for general monitoring of comings and goings at a specific location. You may need to see crowds, merchandise or faces. You may need an indoor camera system or an outdoor camera system. You may need a camera system with one, two, eight or sixteen cameras. You may need a wired CCTV security system or you would prefer a wireless security system. You may also prefer an IP network camera system. Depending on your needs and the purpose of the security camera system you can narrow down your choices to those systems that match your criteria.

Choose between indoor versus outdoor cameras:

The electrical components used in CCTV cameras are sensitive to the elements. The quality of the video feeds will suffer if dust or water gets inside of your camera. The camera might even stop working. If you need to use your security cameras outdoors then you will need to choose water proof and dust proof cameras. Security cameras built in weather proof housing are protected from dust and moisture. The security cameras can have different levels of weather resistance that range from fully weather resistant to minimal protection.

Select the camera type:

Based on the recording environment and your particular needs, you can select a wired or a wireless camera. A wired camera can have DIN or BNC connection ports. In case that you need to place the wired cameras outdoors you might also need extension cables. The wireless cameras are a modern option that is growing in popularity. They are free of interference from other electronic devices.

The IP or network security cameras are another popular option nowadays. This type of security cameras connect to the computer’s router and allow you to have access from any remote location over the internet. They might record video directly to your computer or to a network video recorder.

Select between black and white or color security cameras:

If the environment where you will use the security cameras is low in light then you might not need a color camera. By buying a black and white security camera you can save money. Black and white cameras can see better in dark environments and they are cheaper. Color security cameras are recommended only for indoor use, in environments with good lighting conditions. However, color security cameras are today the preferred choice in the security systems. Most of the high resolution color cameras use a built in infrared filter for night vision.

Select CCTV camera lenses:

The quality and the type of lenses affect on the area that the camera can monitor. Security cameras with smaller lens’ focal length have a wider field of view. Security cameras can use varifocal or fixed lenses. A varifocal lens has the focal length adjustable and allows you to see people or objects at a distance of your choice. A fixed lens has a set focal length that cannot be changed. This type of lenses allows viewing people and objects only at a set distance away from the camera. A security camera with varifocal lenses allows for more flexibility and control.

Author bio- This post has been written by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about Home Improvement and Technology. She recommends torontokeys.ca for Locksmith services and For more information you can visit their official site.

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Find Out How To Responsibly Recycle Your Old Laptop

Recycle Your Old Laptop

Do you have a cupboard that contains piles of old laptops that have long been superseded but that you haven’t quite got round to dealing with? Well read on to find out how to recycle your old technology.

With new versions of technology being released on at least a yearly basis it is no wonder many businesses are starting to build a collection of older laptops, tablets and Smartphones. As a business owner this problem is obviously multiplied with entire teams needing the latest laptops so what can you do with the old models? Until recently your choices were pretty limited. However, now there are a number of options, including a growing range of online retailers who will not only recycle your laptops but also pay you money to do so.

If you are feeling a little more virtuous there are also a number of charities who would be more than willing to take and recycle my laptop and use it for charitable needs, perhaps in the local community, helping the long term unemployed or even by taking it to another country to directly help those in the developing world.

Regulations For Recycling Computer Equipment

The effective refurbishing or recycling of computer equipment should be a key part of any business’s sustainable waste strategy. As such it is covered by a number of regulations including the WEEE directive, this directive covers a range of hazardous materials and how they are disposed of. It recognises the need for specific and specialist handling of certain equipment including laptops and is aimed at ensuring that the hazardous materials found in computing equipment such as mercury and hexavalent chromium are kept out of landfill sites.

Another Government regulation in this area is the Department of Trade and Industry’s WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) which partially overlaps with the WEEE directive. It covers specifically the disposal and handling of computer equipment, TVs and fluorescent tubes.

Why Recycling Is A Good Idea

Recycling laptops is good idea as it lowers the waste being taken to landfill sites. As this industry has grown so has the ability to recycle many more parts of computer equipment including peripheral items such as scanners and printers. Some elements will still require specialist expertise, for example the heavy metals found in certain circuit boards.

Deleting Your Data

As a business you have responsibilities regarding the data that you hold on your equipment under the Data Protection Act of 1998. Experts advise that businesses ensure their data is securely backed up and that high levels of encryption are used in maintaining a healthy data strategy. As most businesses know, simply deleting the hard drive is not going to be sufficient as any information must be completely removed before the equipment is passed on. There is much advice out there on how to do this as well as a number of pieces of software specifically designed to meet this need. Any good recycling company will also ensure permanent deletion of data.

What To Look For In A Recycling Company

So having decided that you want to recycle my laptop, research online through a search engine to find a good reputable company such as wikihow.com/Safely-Get-Rid-of-an-Old-Computer and check out how much you could make on your laptop today.

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