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Benefits of Purchasing a House and Land Package

House and Land Package

House and land packages are ‘package deals’ offered by developers that offer the buyer both house and the land it is on simultaneously. Either the house in already built or the individual selects from land lots and has a house custom built.

There are a number of different benefits and advantages that come with buying a house and land package rather than going through more traditional routes. Some of these are as follows:


Many people are attracted to house and land packages because of the savings involved. These packages eliminate some of the steps involved in selecting land and having a house built on it or buying an existing house. There is only one developer contractor to deal with during the process and this translates to monetary savings.


Another advantage to having a single developer to work with means greater convenience. The developer is well versed in all of the ins and outs of purchasing both land and building on it and can make the process very easy and hassle free for the buyer. Simple convenience is thus a definite strong point of house and land packages, as you do not have to contact dozens of different contractors and providers, which can be confusing to the uninitiated.


This is one of the prominent benefits of a house and land package approach, especially, of course, in cases where their house has not been built on the property yet. The developer will generally have a display home or village to browse, showing some of the possibilities of floor plans and design for your new home. These, in turn, will often be highly customizable to the buyer’s wishes and specifications. For instance, there may a general house type offered by the developer and the client may choose different options for windows, color, roof type, kitchen fixtures, lighting, or molding design themes.

Investment Potential

The customizability advantage of purchasing a home and land package also leads to an investment advantage. If the buyer is planning to resell the house at a later time, being able specify the perks and design points of the house can be very helpful. The buyer/reseller will be able to tailor the house to their sense of its later marketability. They can even be getting ideas for advertising for the house while they are having it designed and customized.

Newness/ Structural Integrity

A house and land package is so customized and many times, on a per-sale basis; this means that many of the houses are brand new. This can mean that they are reliable in terms of their construction and that they will not need as much repair and maintenance in the near future. This can give a house owner peace of mind and allow them to concentrate on other projects and endeavors related to the house and property, to their careers and their families.

Safety and Business Reliability

Since one company is essentially handling the entire process of the purchase, there is less room for unscrupulous parties to become involved, and for mistakes to happen. Just as with any other industry, not all of the professionals in the field are equally honest, qualified, competent, or pleasant to work with. With the house and land package concept, the buyer can investigate the references, business reputation, and presentation of just one business entity – the developer – rather than a larger number of them. They can decide if they feel comfortable with and trust the developer initially, and once they do they need not worry further about running into surprises with parties such as architects, the seller of the land, lawyersand finance companies.

It makes sense to consider house and land packages. It is a concept that brings your search for a property and place to live together and makes the process simpler, easier and personalized to you. Ventura Homes can help you begin your journey in owing your own house and land package.

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