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A Guide To Taking Help From A Property Dealer In Dubai

Looking to invest on real estate in Dubai? At the onset, it might look like an onerous task. After all, it is a foreign country and you know nothing about how the world works there. For all you know, up might be down! How then, do you go about securing your own spot in the country’s skyline?

One of the most practiced ways is to take help from a property dealer. Then, there is the problem of determining which dealer to take help from, what kind of helps to ask for, and what to expect. Here is a brief guide, for your reference, on how to hire a property dealer in Dubai to your advantage.


Start your quest online

One of the first things to do when you intend to look for a property in Dubai is to Google for dealers. There are websites available, like aajproperty.com, which specializes in aiding customers to reach the perfect property Dubai has to offer them. Search in depth and find a dealer that seems to be doing good work.

Go for the big agencies

It is suggested that you go for the big real estate property agents in Dubai, rather than the less known smaller ones. This is recommended in spite of the fact that the reputed big guns of property dealership would charge more money than the smaller ones. Remember, you know nothing of the city and its real estate sector. You probably do know, however, is how easy it is to get fooled in the real estate business. To minimize the risk of being sold a substandard property in Dubai, go for the firms and agencies that have the maximum reputation. Most importantly, because they know better than to damage their good will trying to con a few bucks off a single property investor.

Property Dealer

Make use of their websites

Websites owned by real estate agents in Dubai typically have their agency website which comes with a variety of features including testimonies, offers, and most importantly, site search engines. Make use of the offers and the search engine. You get to search by area, project name, property type, unit type, number of bed rooms, price ranges and so on. Enter your choices to take a look at the number of options you have available to you. Then, call the dealers from the number provided in the website and discuss viewings of the properties you shortlisted.

Real estate

Explain yourself and ask questions

When viewing the properties, be sure to explain to the agents what exactly you are looking for and what kind of money you intend to invest. This gives them a head start, as they know better what kind of properties to show you. Furthermore, the guide to buying a good property is critical questioning. Address the making of the property, the ownership, the deed, and so on. Ask questions to the dealer and make a note of the answers. Compare them after viewing every handful of properties to ensure you select the best one.

Author Bio: Mark is a real estate agent based in Dubai who has worked in a property dealership for thirty years. He now specializes in counselling potential buyers and giving expert advice on real estate in Dubai.

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Top Ten Benefits of Hiring a Strata Management Company

Hiring a Strata Management Company

In order for real estate deals to acquire knowledge and skills to make the right decisions, a strata management company offers great service for them. Your decision to hire professionals will be the best decision you have made with your properties. There are many reasons to hire a professional strata management company:

1. Experience

Like many jobs, it requires experience to handle and manage the affairs related to the property that is being bought or sold. Knowledge is a must have in this business in order to increase the value of properties. A professional company will increase their income and decrease the expenses in real estate, and the best way to do this is to hire a strata management company because that is what they’re best in. A lot of strata management companies have years of experience in real estate because they have such a high reputation to keep up with.

2. Quality Properties

The property should be very well managed in order to increase the value of it. All strata management companies are well trained staff members who will always look after the property and make sure that it is of top quality to be sold. The company should look after the areas, collecting rent, the lease and bill payments in order for it to be top quality.

3. Great Skills

The strata management companies have amazing skills that no one else in real estate has. They are great at managing and selling properties, better than any other company in the business. These companies are great at increasing the income of the properties.

4. Competitive Prices

Strata management companies help the owners by leasing their properties to a person that pays the highest for it. They make sure that the tenant pays the fair price for what they are getting by helping them make sure that the property has everything that they need and want for the property to be suitable.

5. Plenty of Knowledge with the Area

All strata management companies have great knowledge when it comes to real estate, especially about the area that they are buying or selling. The professional you hire will usually remain local and they strive to offer the best of their services. You have nothing to worry about.

6. The Strive To Be Perfect

No matter if the property needs to be rented or sold, the strata management company will get the best price for it, because as hard as they work, determines their pay check. If you get paid a lot for the property, they do too.

7. It’s Hard to Take Care of Yourself

What a strata management company is, is kind of like an assistant. They take care of your property, so you don’t have to juggle between the home and office life. Consider hiring a professional to get the job done for you so nothing in your life comes up short. The employee for the strata management company will take care of everything that needs to be taken care of when you’re renting and leasing your property to tenants.

8. Relationship Building

The company will conduct a site inspection of the buildings and property to understand the needs. The strata team will then make sure that the needs get done. A strata management company is determined to build relationships with you and your clients.

9. They Care

The strata management companies care about your properties. They work with all sorts of situations and clients. They conduct site inspections and meet with you to discuss what they want to do and how it will benefit you. Strata management companies take care of everything for you so that you can maintain your work and home life without having to worry about the properties that you are renting or selling.

10. It’s Hassle Free

The real estate market is at its highest. If you have an apartment that you want to rent out to someone, it’s smart to hire a professional and let them handle all the busy work. They will take care of it for you.

In a nutshell, those who have strata properties should hire professionals to take care of them, because it is the best for them and the property.

The writer of this article is Peter Austin, who has been working in a Strata Management Company in Australia for 10 years. Guardian Strata is his first choice for Strata Management services.

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October 2013 Real Estate Data Infographic

Real Estate Market Overview for October 2013


An infographic by the team at http://www.truckeehomefinder.com

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Real Estate Flipping 101

Real Estate Flipping 101

Traditionally speaking, real estate is a good investment. In large real estate booms in the past, people made millions buying, fixing up, and reselling houses—also known as “flipping.” While the market has changed and faced a lot of uncertainty in the past several years, flipping can still be a positive way to turn a profit. According to a recent data, gross profits have grown an average of 246 percent nationwide over 2012 figures. But it may not be as easy as it looks.

Deciding to purchase a home in possible disrepair to renovate and resell is not a decision that should be made overnight. A lot of sweat and tears (and yes, probably some blood) go into a project of this magnitude. The rewards may exceed your expectations, but the risk is still very real.

What are some basics you need to know in order to get started?

  • You need money to make money. It sounds cliché, but it’s an appropriate statement here. Naturally, some cash is needed up front in order to successfully flip a home. Some capital is needed to put down on the home purchase; this will vary greatly depending on the sale price. You will need cash set aside for the repairs you plan to make to the home and also have enough to cover the regular monthly bills, such as the mortgage and utilities, throughout the process.
  • Know your time frame. This is a critical financial step. If you are unable to meet or exceed deadlines, you could rapidly lose profit. Be mindful and realistic of this prior to making your purchase. Have systems and people in place to begin work immediately. Waiting on contractors and workers will be inevitable, but not having them hired ahead of time will definitely hurt the bottom line.
  • Create a business plan. Perhaps you want to flip a home just once and see how it turns out. If so, be prepared to potentially pay some hefty capital gains. If you are in it for the long haul or even just want to avoid the additional taxes, purchase a second property and take advantage of what is called a 1031 exchange. The IRS will provide you with some tax breaks if you reinvest your profit into another property within a specific timeframe. But be specific when outlining your plan and factor in expenses for the unexpected.
  • Set the stage. Don’t skimp on realtors or the interior design elements of the home. That’s not to suggest you should spend more than you have to make things look nice, but find ways to make the property appealing to potential buyers. There are several companies experienced in staging homes; they will bring in rented furnishings and design the space for maximum impact. When flipping a home, you need to sell quickly and you want people to be able to see themselves living in the beautiful home.

Have you successfully flipped a house for profit? If so, what were your experiences, and what advice would you give?

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Service Apartments: A Default Choice of Many People

Service Apartments

When it comes to a convenient residential option for leisure and business travelers, service apartment is the first choice. The following article talks about the advantages offered by service apartments.

Choosing a luxury and homely comfort of a service apartment is anytime a preferred option than an expensive hotel suite for frequent business and leisure travelers. The expats living in a particular city for a longer duration cannot find a more convenient option than staying at a service apartment, which not only gives the comfort of your home but also offers affordability.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

A serviced apartment is popularly known as a ‘home away from home’. It is a fully-furnished accommodation, which is rented for a long-term or short-term purpose. These residential options include a wide range of facilities such as Internet connection, television, gadgets, modular kitchen, washing machine, laundry service and DVD player.

Nowadays, many business travelers prefer buying service apartments in different locations of their visit. It not only adds to their convenience, but also offers a long-term investment. These apartments are emerging as a popular trend in mainly corporate hospitality sector. Serviced flats offer luxury services like hotels to fulfil the requirements of business occupants. As a matter of fact, market segment of this real estate sector includes mainly corporates, who find these apartments a suitable option for their expatriates and long-stay managerial staff. The major demand for these accommodations arises from service sector, medical tourism, biotechnology, BFSI, and IT/ITeS.

Service Apartment as an Investment Option

Nowadays, several developers are increasingly offering service apartments to the potential buyers. Moreover, more people are interested in investing in these options to earn high rental incomes. It is a lucrative investment option as the demand for these apartments is going to increase further in the near future. This will give the buyers an opportunity to earn by giving their apartments on rent.

Top Reasons to Choose Serviced Apartments

The following advantages explain why service apartments are emerging as an obvious choice:

  • Save More: The biggest advantage of choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel is the saving potential. It is one such option that offers all the comforts of a hotel at a less cost in the same location. Travelers in overseas destinations allow the traveler to save around 25-30% on total travel cost.
  • Live Like Locals: When you are staying for a long-term, service apartments let you live like a local by allowing interaction with the neighbors just like your residential flat. This benefit is not enjoyed by hotels, which offer a restricted space.
  • Best Services and Facilities: Service apartments offer access to all the amenities and facilities such as housekeeping, pick-up and drop facility to airport, chauffeur service, swimming pool, club house and gymnasium. It is a place where you can expect all homely services to let you enjoy the comfort of your home.
  • Prime Locations: Understanding the purpose of the travelers, these apartments are usually located in prime locations of cities. These accommodation options offer proximity to restaurants, bars, and shopping centers to let you enjoy your stay a memorable one.
  • Privacy – You can expect the privacy factor of home, where you are allowed to cook anytime and do the household work yourself.

Put together, all the above factors make such apartments one of the most popular options among the people looking for short and long-term stay. With an increase in the travel opportunities for business and leisure purpose, this cost-effective accommodation option is gaining the much deserved acceptability.

Moreover, it is a good idea to buy the one to take the advantage of real estate investment.

Swati Srivastava has been writing professionally for more than four years, contributing real estate related articles to numerous property sites in India. The above article talks about various residential projects by Supreme Developers.

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Best Places to Invest in Real Estate

Places to Invest in Real Estate

Buying a home can be one of life’s greatest stressors, especially for first-timers or people who don’t have a background in finance. Among other potentially frustrating to-dos, you have to know where to buy.

A new research from Australian Property Investor has made this task a tad easier, paring down Australia to its most sought-after and fastest-selling areas.

Their research comes on the heels of a Real Estate Institute of Australia report declaring that home values in the continent have slumped to its lowest in three years.

Australian Property Investor used realestate.com.au as reference to run down the most coveted locales per state.

What emerged as hotbeds for property hunters in New South Wales were Allambie Heights, Freshwater and Normanhurst, all in Sydney’s beach-strewn environs. Enmore, also in Sydney, proved to be the best for sellers though. Its houses spend an average of 19 days on the market before they are sold.

In Melbourne, property hunters sought areas like Clifton Hill and Fitzroy North the most. Sellers do best in The Basin and Croydon Hills, their houses staying in the market for up to 36 days on average.

According to Australian Property Investor, the presence of major infrastructure projects is a major sales driver. They cited the case of Bokarina in Queensland, where a Sunshine Coast University medical facility has been attracting real estate investors of late.

Then again, we’re smarter than just nesting in the next town with a great hospital. Where you buy your property is just as important as what you buy, especially if you want the best return on your investment. Here are some words from the wise.

Where to buy real estate

1. Take recommendations from property developers with a grain of salt: better to invest in property markets familiar to you.

2. Now your chosen property may tick everything on your wish-list, but you might end up living in an inauspicious neighbourhood if you’re not careful. Find ways to know the neighbourhood prior to making an offer. After inspecting a home for the first time, revisit it another day at a different time. Meet the neighbours; assess what they’re like. We’ve had horror stories of people snapping up property, only to realise they have moved next to racists, homophobes, etc. Bad neighbours not only affect the future sale of your property, but also your frame of mind.

3. Other than the people, you need to check transportation to and from your prospective house. Here’s a good way to inform your decision: Try driving or commuting from this house at rush hour.

4. Choose a location with good amenities. For one, you need to find a home in an area with good schools—even if you don’t raise pupils. Why? Tenants or homebuyers consider a property’s proximity to schools more than you think. Aside from schools, they lean toward properties near shops, gas stations, gyms, and public transit.

5. Size matters less than location. To tenants and homebuyers, a mansion in a depressed area doesn’t ‘smell’ as good as a tiny house near the Best Street in the World.

6. It’s mad easy to drown in the sheer inventory of properties to look at, to say nothing of the number of advices you need to heed from kin and friends. Just follow what you have made out to be invariable standards. Seeing every house would just be perfectionism.

7. A realtor can help pare down choices on your behalf. Better yet, he or she can find a market where property values are rising or stable. Yes, some areas just cling on to their value more than other places during a housing slump. In general, you should be making a buying decision in a high-growth area with a potential for capital growth.

8. As a rule of thumb, an undesirable location tips itself off with a soaring vacancy rate. Don’t buy here.

9. If you move from place to place often, it may not make sense to buy a property now. You only stand to lose if you sell too soon, regardless of an increase in property prices around you.

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Earn an asset with apartment in Navi Mumbai

Apartment Navi Mumbai

If you are planning to invest in a property in Maharashtra, Navi Mumbai can be a perfect destination. Soaring real estate panorama of the city reflects an optimistic glimpse. Purchasing a property is a big time investment therefore the investor needs to be considerate about the location of the property and the future use it is exposed to.

Experts say that Navi Mumbai is growing steadily with property prospects turning healthier in a way that more investors are making their way to book their spaces.

Navi Mumbai: At Glance

Navi Mumbai is a planned residential township on the west coast of Maharashtra. The city was developed in the year 1972 but didn’t see any expansion back then, but over a decade the extended tail of Mumbai city represents massive transmutation in terms of infrastructure.

The city is progressively growing and is one of the largest urban planned townships in the world. The population count here is approximately 1,119,477. The city has been developed by the leading architects Charles Correa, Pravina Mehta and Shirish Patel.

Navi Mumbai involves plenty of residential opportunities for the investors. Especially those who wish to capitalize their money in the apartment properties; the city has ample of them.

Infrastructure and Services

With $40 billion infrastructure already in place, the city promises premium quality of roads, railways, flyovers, bridges and other facilities. The city boasts reliable supply of electricity and water with proper distribution network.

Besides the basic infrastructure the city also reassures plenty of utility services as in malls, multiplexes, banks, healthcare centers, education and marketplaces. Vashi hosts ample of malls as in Palm Beach Galleria, Citi Center, Center one and in orbit Mall and various malls and multiplexes are under construction in the area Nerul, Kharghar and Palm Beach Road.

The super-bazaars and other such types have also made their ways to Navi Mumbai with DMart having launched five malls in the city.

Transportation in the City

Traffic problem in the city is next to nil and the major reason is the well devised infrastructure strategy. The population of the city enjoys ease of commutation with all transports easily accessible. From one node to other one can easily find rickshaws and autos. Taxi and public bus service is also available day and dark.

Local rail covers the important locations as in Vashi, Belapur, Nerula and others. Panvel is the mainline station but is the busiest one amid all. Hence the vein like network of railways escapes the travelers from the daily hassles and ensures smooth commutation.

Bringing Home Revolution

The facilities and services above have led high toll in the real estate sector but the property prices have shot high. Though the opportunities are plenty but can be savored only by the elite segment of the society and at some locations by the upper-middle segment of investors.

Few eminent residential property sites and the respective area prices are mentioned below:-

Location Type INR/Sq.ft Total Cost
Kharghar 2bhk 7907 85 Lacs
Koperkhairane 2bhk 8608 68 lacs
Sanpada 2bhk 10000 1.2crores
Nerul 2bhk 6628 57lacs
Ghansoli 3bhk 8700 1.46crores

Apartments in Navi Mumbai is constructed as per the international standards to ensure erudite life to the investors.The city assures blooming realty future and plethora of quality projects.

Besides the apartments, investors can also gain an access over other type of property as in independent houses, villas, and penthouse or rental property. The price of each one varies as per the locality chosen and the property size.

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Mysore – A Bright Prospect

Mysore Real Estate market

Situated on the base of Chamundi Hills, this picturesque erstwhile princely state of Mysore is a pretty picture of serene and quality lifestyle. Located 146 Kms from the state capital of Bangalore, Mysore is the third largest city of the south Indian state of Karnataka. Famous for its effervescent prince Tipu Sultan and it’s beautifully designed gardens, this city is getting famous for another reason and that is its real estate. The property prices have started escalating to unheard levels since the last couple of years and the growth is expected to sustain its path in the near future.

Known as the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore is home to some of the most beautiful palaces and gardens. It is famous for the sandal wood from the forests nearby and is a big industry. It has its particular style of paintings known as the Mysore style of painting and the famous Mysore University, which has given many scholars to this country. The main industry and the revenue generator for Mysore is the tourism, which peaks around the Dussehra season.

Recent developments have transformed the city from a moderate town to a much in demand real estate opportunity. With a prolific neighbour like Bangalore, the rise of Mysore was expected. As the pressure has grown on the land and social fabric of this mega town, the people, especially the new coming corporates have started looking for places which are in vicinity and what better substitute than Mysore. With great connectivity, high level of education system and relatively cheap land, it soon became the most sought after destination for IT corporates. The launch of IT SEZ by the government has resulted in an inflow of many notable companies of the tech world. This movement has attracted non IT corporates also and in no time the city has become the latest employment hub. The city is also high on the medical front as many branded hospitals are making a foray into Mysore. People are thronging to Mysore for employment and the demand for residential property has risen.

This opportunity has been lapped up by builders like Daya M K Developers, Chamundi Developers and Yesh developers who are coming up with developed real estate in no time.Daya M K Developers are bringing Commercial and retail spaces through malls also to Mysore. On residential front, on offer are plots, independent units and apartments in all sizes and budgets. Skytop builders are bringing a golf village project to Mysore, which further strengthens the luxury property market of the city.

Super connectivity through rail and even air have made Mysore an easily approachable town, but what has worked more in favour of the city is the 6 laning of the Mysore Bangalore highway which will reduce this distance to hardly 90 minutes. This means that it opens the window for people to commute to Bangalore daily if they want to. This will increase the business opportunities and the employment opportunities further with people living here and working in Bangalore.

The relatively cheap property prices have worked in favour of the city a lot and factors like great infrastructure, planned development, supply of electricity and water and a proper sewerage system. The city has been declared the cleanest city of Karnataka and the second cleanest in India in the year 2010. A life which is better than the hustle and bustle of a metro which is busting at its seams, has already attracted many people who have started migrating to this town. Although prices have seen a jump, but still the market has a lot potential left. Investments made now will surely give good returns in the near future.

Bio Line :-

“ManojMalhotra is one blogger to watch out for. He regularly writes on the trends and scenario of the Indian real estate market. His latest article on the Mysore Real Estate market throws light on the current scenario in the neighborhood.

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Benefits of Purchasing a House and Land Package

House and Land Package

House and land packages are ‘package deals’ offered by developers that offer the buyer both house and the land it is on simultaneously. Either the house in already built or the individual selects from land lots and has a house custom built.

There are a number of different benefits and advantages that come with buying a house and land package rather than going through more traditional routes. Some of these are as follows:


Many people are attracted to house and land packages because of the savings involved. These packages eliminate some of the steps involved in selecting land and having a house built on it or buying an existing house. There is only one developer contractor to deal with during the process and this translates to monetary savings.


Another advantage to having a single developer to work with means greater convenience. The developer is well versed in all of the ins and outs of purchasing both land and building on it and can make the process very easy and hassle free for the buyer. Simple convenience is thus a definite strong point of house and land packages, as you do not have to contact dozens of different contractors and providers, which can be confusing to the uninitiated.


This is one of the prominent benefits of a house and land package approach, especially, of course, in cases where their house has not been built on the property yet. The developer will generally have a display home or village to browse, showing some of the possibilities of floor plans and design for your new home. These, in turn, will often be highly customizable to the buyer’s wishes and specifications. For instance, there may a general house type offered by the developer and the client may choose different options for windows, color, roof type, kitchen fixtures, lighting, or molding design themes.

Investment Potential

The customizability advantage of purchasing a home and land package also leads to an investment advantage. If the buyer is planning to resell the house at a later time, being able specify the perks and design points of the house can be very helpful. The buyer/reseller will be able to tailor the house to their sense of its later marketability. They can even be getting ideas for advertising for the house while they are having it designed and customized.

Newness/ Structural Integrity

A house and land package is so customized and many times, on a per-sale basis; this means that many of the houses are brand new. This can mean that they are reliable in terms of their construction and that they will not need as much repair and maintenance in the near future. This can give a house owner peace of mind and allow them to concentrate on other projects and endeavors related to the house and property, to their careers and their families.

Safety and Business Reliability

Since one company is essentially handling the entire process of the purchase, there is less room for unscrupulous parties to become involved, and for mistakes to happen. Just as with any other industry, not all of the professionals in the field are equally honest, qualified, competent, or pleasant to work with. With the house and land package concept, the buyer can investigate the references, business reputation, and presentation of just one business entity – the developer – rather than a larger number of them. They can decide if they feel comfortable with and trust the developer initially, and once they do they need not worry further about running into surprises with parties such as architects, the seller of the land, lawyersand finance companies.

It makes sense to consider house and land packages. It is a concept that brings your search for a property and place to live together and makes the process simpler, easier and personalized to you. Ventura Homes can help you begin your journey in owing your own house and land package.

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New Tulum Center Makes Tulum Real Estate Even More Desirable

Tulum Real Estate

Tulum is known for its beautiful beaches, Mayan ruins (El Castillo and many more), cenotes and lush forest. No wonder Tulum receives large number of tourists and expats every year. Tulum is a complete destination in itself as it has four zones which cater to varied interests of travellers.  Tulum has four zones – The Pueblo, Zona Hotelera, Sian Kaan (biosphere reserve) and the archaeological zone.

Till now, Tulum saw a great activity in the real estate sector of these factors. There is a new attraction in the town which will further boost the property market. As with any world famous destination which is known for its archaeology as well as delicate natural beauty, Tulum also needs to strike a unique balance in its quest for modernity and development.

Tulum is set to witness a shot in the arm. The new Tulum Center is now going to be the hub of activity in Tulum. With the development of the new center, the beach and ecology of the Tulum will face fewer burdens even as the economy of Tulum will receive a shot in the arm.

The new Tulum Center will house restaurants, shops, cafes, condos etc. Already the condos under development have seen tremendous response from investors. Tulum owing to its round the year tourism and location in Riviera Maya tourist corridor is a must-visit site for those who want to check out ancient ruins and fabulous beaches. Tulum is close to Playa del Carmen and Cancun which makes it easily accessible.

With the development of the Tulum center on the lines of the 5th avenue in Playa del Carmen real estate region, Tulum is set to draw many home buyers who like the look and feel of 5th avenue in PDC but are deterred because of high prices and crowd.  Many people gripe over the fact that Playa del Carmen is no longer affordable and is losing its old charm. While it’s a very individual perception, the condo developments in Tulum is a god send opportunity for potential buyers who want a much quieter place at an affordable price.

Since, all the developments are still at their nascent stages, the chances of landing a great deal are very high. Pre-construction condos in Tulum come with many advantages. Buyers who book their condos don’t have to shell out the full payment and can pay as the project progresses. Since, the developer is looking for more sales, you can get affordable condos with the choice of your floors and views which may be impossible at the later stages.

If you’re looking for retirement homes, Tulum is an ideal and a no-stress location. Buying at early stages will help you save a great deal of your retirement funds. If you haven’t still retired then planning and investing in Tulum will keep you insulated from inflation and any economic shocks as we saw during the sub-prime crisis.

Mexico is one of the preferred retirement and investment destinations for Americans and Canadians. Hundreds of thousands have made Mexico their home, so what are you waiting for?

About the Author:

Playa Real Estate Mall was founded by David Selva in 2009 to help American buyers get their dream real estate in Playa del Carmen.

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