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Top 15 WordPress Templates for Lawyers

15 WordPress Templates for Lawyers

Mentioned below are top 15 templates for lawyers with a distinct appeal

1. Private Lawyer

Private Lawyer

Private Lawyer WordPress Theme offers several unique features; prominent among them is auto install. You simply need to activate the theme with a mouse click and start adding pages, posts, images, widgets, testimonials and videos. The home page can be customized in a number of ways, such as, a full width image slider. Private Lawyer is search engine optimized. Trendy lawyers will love it.

2. Lawyer


Although this theme is meant for business and corporate use it can also be exploited by attorneys and people at law. Built along HTML 5 and CSS3 framework this modern skin uses multi-layer slider which can be embedded on any page. The design is fresh, adaptive, and therefore looks beautiful on web as well as mobile devices. The slider has several transitions to make pages really standout. Drag & Drop admin, video playback that pauses during user interaction are some of its salient features. Lawyers will appreciate its trenchant appeal.

3. Legalized

This theme is meant for lawyers. The clean design and lots of white space makes it a perfect candidate for legal corporations, law firms and law related businesses. It is responsive and offers Google Maps and MailChimp integration. Child theme compatible characteristic means customizing or editing is hassle free and safe. Stunning color schemes and innovative page templates (Home, Blog and Services) enhances its functionality further.

4. The Firm

The Firm

This SEO optimized, lightweight theme offers video help file which is really enterprising and unique. It means installation is a joy; even non-geeks can get it working without any problem. This theme is suitable for companies, law firms and judges, and the reason is because of its simplicity. Priced at $35 it comes with all the standard features minus confusion.

5. The Practice

The Practice

Many WordPress themes today are designed to accommodate all the display devices. However, very few scale to the right size. The Practice is one of those that offer amazing user experience on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phones alike. It is one of its distinctive features. Consultancy and law firms will love it, and lawyers, simply adore this auto installing theme. Some of its standard features include but not limited to; Jquery Image/video Lightbox, Dynamic Sidebar Widget, Cross Browser Compatibility and Font-face customization.

6. Lawyer’s Co

An elegant and stylish WordPress skin especially designed for law practitioners. Here some of the reasons why it is termed as “dedicated lawyer’s theme”.

1. Theme options – You can choose the one that best reflects your company’s ethos.

2. Shortcode – Large collection available. No need to hire programmers.

3. Complete localisation possible.

4. Price – At $39/year subscription it is quite affordable.

7. Attorneys


Attorney’s theme comes bundled with documentation and demo content which instantly reflects how the site would look. Different post types such as “specialization areas” or “law books” makes the task of offering and maintaining various services a gratifying experience.

Shortcodes for slider, tabs and other elements, drag & drop slider management, multiple style templates (full width, right sidebar, and left sidebar) means inner pages can be assigned different layouts. Contact form template makes sure your clients respond from within your site.

8. LawCo


LawCo theme typically functions as a blog. However, its full width design (1152px) makes it suitable for website. Law firms and lawyers can use its HTML and JavaScript functionality to create a stunning, professional online presence. The theme comes with all the standard frills.

It is compatible with WordPress 3.2.x to 3.4.x. Requires PHP 5.3+ and MySQL 5.0+.

9. Entreprenium

Unlike many WordPress themes for injury lawyers, this one boasts a portfolio page template which can be used to broadcast your clients or testimonials. Threaded comment feature means having an informal chat or a debate on a legal case or any general issue from within the website.

This responsive theme is built around HTML 5 and CSS 3 framework with “standard page templates”. It is SEO optimised, social network integrated and costs $29 for single use. Entreprenium comes with three widget positions: post sidebar, page sidebar and front-page footer

10. Circle Law

Circle Law

Circle Law is based on Bebel lightweight framework. This responsive theme boasts following features, and is prized at $40.

  • Stunning background slide show.
  • Multiple page layouts (Full width, left sidebar etc).
  • Amazing clients page with flip down peep holes.
  • Box style gallery.
  • JQuery scroll bars.
  • Contact page with Google maps integration.
  • Twitter & Social Media integration.

11. Vulcan


Vulcan distances itself from others with its eight custom widgets and the same number of widget places. This typically means flexibility in terms of customisation. Add to it its five colour scheme and custom post type feature and you have a theme which can be tweaked to extreme lengths.

Shortcodes with built-in visual manager is yet another convenient feature. Ajax contact form with validation makes sure lawyers receive regular enquiries and not spam. The theme costs $45.

12. Themis


Themis boasts tens of predefined tab images, icons, social & features icons. Some of the other salient features include; precise positioning of various elements such as logo, citation and company information. Headlines and body fonts customisation means control over content in terms of relevance. Theme colours and social profile settings adds yet another feather in its customisation cap. Every page is unique in this theme but remains consistent with the overall design. It is 100% responsive and adapts beautifully.

13. Iuris


Iuris is distinct in two ways.

1. Range of options available to skin the theme with several patterns.

2. Colour picker for various sections.

Flicker and Twitter integration adds glamour to this theme, not that is lacks in any way. Multiple sliders can handle both image and video display. Yet another feature which makes it ideal for lawyers is the custom post type, such as practice areas and testimonials.

14. Associate Theme


Featured posts within the slider, classic background which can be customized makes this theme the choice of many conservative law firms and lawyers. The “4-colour” styles, 3-layout options, custom header, featured images, fixed width and threaded comments add a touch of class and professionalism. In short a great theme for the “Old School” lawyers.

15. Specialist

Specialist offers built-in advertisement management, a handy feature for law firms and lawyers of great repute; to generate revenue through endorsements. Its responsive mega menu is a delight which allows access to pages residing deep within the site. One click auto install, feature rich design & drag and drop sections makes tweaking an easy task.

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Top 5 Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Are you curious which social media plugins you should utilize for your WordPress blog? There are actually five that you should be taking advantage of right now, so check them out!

1. Shareaholic


This is an extremely useful plugin that helps people discover your pages more easily. It also lets them share articles with social sites so people are more likely to click on the links. It has share counters for most of the social networking sites out there and is used by thousands of WordPress users every month. If you want to make it easy to share your blog, then this plugin is essential. It even gives you analytics that will help grow your site every day. In addition to this, it will display related content to keep readers interested.

2. Simple Twitter Connect

Simple Twitter Connect

A lot of marketers use Twitter to advertise and network because it’s such an effective and easy to use platform. With this platform users can connect with their Twitter account and leave comments or post right from that account. In fact, all users have to do is click on the button to “connect with Twitter” and they just have to give their approval before they are re-directed back to the page they were just on. After that they will be able to post with their Twitter credentials, which will connect different social networking sites together. It’s compatible with Simple Facebook Connect so it can allow you to reach more people through your WordPress blog than ever.

3. Simple Facebook Connect

Simple Facebook Connect

This is extremely similar to Twitter connect and does basically the same thing. With the plugin users can log into Facebook and comment or publish new posts using their Facebook profile. This plugin also includes a share button, live stream widget, user status widget, fan box widget and much more for people to put on their WordPress sites. Installation is simple and easy, so it’s worth using to see what it can do for your blog!

4. Social Media Tabs

Social Media Tabs

If you want to confine all of your social media feeds into one area, then this plugin is helpful. It puts all of your feeds from social media sites right onto your WordPress blog. From Facebook to Twitter and any other account that you have, you can add them all and have them right on your site. They update as you update, so information will always be new! With WordPress you can configure this to change icons, disable the default skin, cache results or allow links to be opened in a new window.

5. Sharebar


This plugin adds a vertical box that will be housed on the left side of your blog posts. Inside it will be links and or buttons to the different social networking accounts that you hold. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and effectively shows readers which sites you have that they can visit. This can include Google Plus, Digg, your e-mail, Facebook and more. It can clean up the look of your page and allow people to easily find links where they can connect with you further, which is more effective than having them at the bottom of the page.

Author Bio: Building a website is hard when you don’t have any coding skills but nowadays platforms like the Yola website builder makes the entire process look like child’s play.

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