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Bill Gates success story

Many people have heard that Bill Gates and his success story shows how you can become a billionaire by doing what you love. The Windows operating system is known to almost everyone. The co-founder of the Microsoft brand has been considered the richest man in the U.S. and the world for years on end. And his company's software is installed on most computers.

Unlike many owners of billion-dollar fortunes, Gates made his money practically from scratch. No initial capital - not even a college education, which Bill never received. He owes his success to his programming, persuasion and leadership skills.

Childhood of a genius

The future billionaire was born in the American city of Seattle in 1955. His father was a famous lawyer, his mother held senior positions in a number of American companies. That's why Bill was sent to a prestigious school - Lakeside. Programming was the best thing for the boy at school, and it was the first step on his way to future achievements.

At 13, Gates wrote his first program in the Basic programming language, tic-tac-toe. It was the first step on the road to success. Continuing to study in a prestigious school, Bill pays more and more attention to programming. The situation with the exact sciences is not bad either - while in the humanities he did not show much success.

The boy's poor grades bothered his parents so much that they sent him to a psychologist. But that didn't stop Gates from developing his talents. In high school, together with a new friend Paul Allen, he entertained himself by hacking computer programs. Although he had no idea yet that he would soon become not only a software creator himself, but also the founder of one of the largest corporations in the country.

The test of success

At the age of fifteen, Bill and Paul wrote a program designed to regulate traffic. It was called Traf-O-Data and brought its creators $20000. The first success made the young programmers believe in their abilities. And a year later the friends began working with Information Sciences, doing software for payroll.

Their first experience with developing professional custom software was not very successful. The project was shut down. But while they were still in school, they managed to work for another company, TRW. There they created code for the Bonneville Power Administration.

In 1973 Bill went to Harvard University. But the theoretical side of software development attracted him less than the practical one. Because of this, Gates often skipped classes to pay attention to real work. After his second year, the student was expelled for truancy. But this expulsion had little influence on his further career.

Bill Gates success story: from founding the company to MS Windows

In 1975, Allen tells a friend about the next generation of computers, the Altair 8800. And Bill, confident in his abilities, calls the head of the company that created them, Ed Roberts. The interview is successful, and the friends become employees of Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS).

Not every short biography written about Bill Gates has information about the supposed name of his first company. The friends had hoped to call it by its own names. But then they changed their minds - and took the first halves of the words Microprocessors and Software instead of Allen and Gates. Then the hyphen disappeared from the name Micro-Soft, and in 1976 the Microsoft brand was registered.

In 1976, the company was one of the first to start selling licenses for its software. This leads to the possibility for PC manufacturers to embed programming languages and operating systems into their machines. Microsoft's revenues increase, as do the funds in the account of its creators.

After MITS ceases to exist, Gates and Allen find new partners. One of them was the Apple Corporation, headed by another genius, Bill Gates. Among the customers were Commodore and Radio Shack, developing inexpensive personal computers.

In the 1970s, not only did Windows not exist, it was not even in development. But, as you can learn from the film based on Bill Gates's biography, Microsoft developed Fortran at this time. It was 1977, and the new operating system was a worthy competitor to existing programs for PCs with Intel processors.

In 1979, a contract was signed with IBM to create a new platform. To solve the problem, Bill bought an already developed version of QDOS, which after modification was renamed to MS-DOS. After selling its license Microsoft became famous. The company executives make their first super profit. Although billions were still far away.

DOS was so popular that it was installed on most computers in the early 1980s. However, the interface was too complicated. And the company began developing Windows. The market demanded a system with a graphical interface. And Apple was ahead of Microsoft, releasing the first version of MacOS in January 1984, 22 months earlier.

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Many people have heard that Bill Gates and his success story shows how you can become a billionaire by doing what you love. The Windows operating system is known to almost everyone.

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