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Statin drugs to lower down the level of cholesterol

Statin drugs down the level of cholesterol

Doctors usually advise Lipitor and different statin drugs being used as a medication for lowering the level of cholesterol, and they even have done it some time, but there are different side effects of their use that can entail and make satins to be the unpopular choice among several users.

Is there any side effect?

Despite of fact that several statin users have experience high muscle cramps and also some unpleasant reactions, the increasing number of the doctors that fear for heart health of their patients are now prescribing statins for preventative measure. Indeed, the research of a latest study suggests that senior citizens having no history of the heart disease usually are four times more possibly to receive the statin prescription as they would get in 1999. On the other hand being a preventative medicine, even statins leave more to get desired.

The fact is that the problems by using such drugs that entails can also mean potential risks to health far overshadow the possible health benefits. One of the important problems is that statins are now in use for quite a long time about 30 years of their usage and it has also become well accepted practice. These are even considering as a cheap way to lower down the levels of cholesterol.

How is Statins beneficial for health?

However, in spite of unpleasant disadvantages that are involved, few studies also suggest that statin drugs might even reduce risk of heart attacks and even heart strokes if patient has experienced them in their past. Moreover, there is even some indication to suggest risk of the heart attacks that can even get reduced if patient has also high cholesterol and if the history of cardiac issues is not in existence. Unluckily, several people that are prescribed with satins as preventative measure usually fall into none of the group. To make this concern worse, even research reveals risk calculator that often overestimates degree of risk that is faced by few patients. As per the past studies, the heart experts have pointed that “overreliance on these algorithms might even lead to needless dealing with statins”.

Some expert Advice

• According to Robert Eckel, Endocrinologist of University of Colorado has also helped to prepare and to present the guidelines of statin, but at the same time he also admits that further study is also needed to examine risks statins that might pose to the elder patients. “This is gray zone,” said Eckel Robert, moreover the medicines that are Evidence-based only goes quite far.
• On the other hand even Dr. Michael Johansen of Ohio State even raises some kind of issues regarding the use of statin, and so he even suggests about the further study. “Many drugs are always not supported by the hard evidence of clinical report to back up for the treatment in elderly,” said Michael Johansen prior to pointing out amount of the muscle pain that is experienced by few users of statin and it is also severe enough to create falls that might result in different injuries that are quite life-threatening.

Hence, statins are great and heart-healthy option? Possibly, but these also create problems and many experts also raise points which suggest few serious revisions in order.

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