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Top 3 PPC Bidding Strategies – Your Roadmap to Good Ranking Website

PPC Bidding Strategies

If you are planning on launching a new Pay per Click (PPC) campaign or taking over an existing one, the most significant element that needs your consideration is – to use the correct PPC Bidding Strategy. If you long for higher performance of your website, it is imperative to use the right bidding strategy. Let’s have a look at the top 3 PPC bidding strategies that can ensure you success in the long run:

1. Switch to Multiple Ad Networks

Are you running your ad campaigns only on Google AdWords? Well, then you are missing a lot of potential opportunities in the online marketing landscape. Simply put, there are several other sites wherein you can place your ad campaigns like Bing and Yahoo. What’s more? Placing your ads on these sites can help you gain conversions at a considerably lower cost.

2. Tightly Coupled Ad Groups

It is very important for you to have tightly coupled ad groups, with relevant keywords that lead to specific landing page of that product or service. Tightly coupled ad groups let your customers find exactly what they’re seeking when they carry out a search. While searching if they’ll see your ad copy, and are directed to a landing page having the products and/or services they’re searching, eventually leads to higher conversion rate for your paid search campaign. Without a doubt, this can be very time consuming, but the benefits are plenty.

3. Find Your Optimal Ad Position

Several advertisers often make the blunder of overpaying for keywords with the notion that they can get more conversions via the first ad position. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. In fact, the first ad position produces a higher amount of clicks that eventually don’t get converted, ensuing customers to bear a higher CPC and CPA. These ads may get you better conversion rate but results in lower CPA. Therefore, it is vital to first find the optimal position to place your ad.

Taking a cue of the aforementioned bidding strategies you are bound to get success in your PPC campaign, however, not every time you can be successful in your endeavors and might need an expert help. SEOPixels is a reputed Internet Marketing Company that provides exemplary Pay per Click Management Services to its clients at significantly affordable prices. We boast a team of PPC professionals having hands on experience of handling myriad PPC projects with a proven track record of delivering successful projects within the time frame.

Stellan Bettany is associated with SEOPixels from last 4 years as content writer. She usually guide users regarding Pay Per Click Management Services and Professional SEO Services for a better overview of internet marketing.

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