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Jeffrey ( Jeff Bezos Preston ) Preston Bezos has been at the top of the Forbes list for many years in a row. He is the richest man in the entire world.

He is a businessman, creator, inventor, and loves to experiment all the time. Owner of Amazon.com and owner of the aerospace company Blue Origin.

The story is about a guy who chose to take risks. He grew up in a common family, constantly studied, worked a lot and thought about opportunities of this world. Thanks to this he became the richest man in the world. The action is characterized by truly great people.

Where it all started

Since childhood, Bezos knew a lot about electronics. And he spent a lot of time on his hobby. Once he equipped a garage as his laboratory. And around the house, his personal electronics were everywhere. He was constantly praised at school as the best student. But that wasn't what made him that way, it was his love of his craft.

After graduating in 1986 he went to work on Wall Street and started developing programs and creating trading robots. At that time there were big companies there, D.E. Shaw and Bankers Trust, it was hard to get a senior position then.

But Jeffrey got a position as deputy director and was considered the youngest in that company. Then in 1994 he went to Seattle to open an online bookstore (amazon) and started working there.

How amazon was founded

After he moved to Seattle he got the idea to create his own store; he got $300,000,000 invested by his mother and stepfather. That's when their joint business started to turn a profit.

When the store was launched, Bezos had the idea of creating a platform where competitors could sell their goods too. His competitors thought he was crazy. But Jeff knew that patience was the key here. So he kept working.

At the beginning of the site there were mistakes, that you could order a negative number of books. But it was not without his wife, after each failure he was supported by his wife Mackenzie Bezos, who in the future will receive from him a fortune of 19.7 million shares of Amazon and 22nd place in the Fobes list of the richest women in the world.

The company's first office was in a garage. As Jeffrey Bezos himself thought the chance of success was 30%. The first name he wanted to think of for his website was "Cadabra". Later he was advised by his personal lawyer to think about his decision again, and so the new name Amazon appeared.

After fixing all the errors on the site Jeff continued to develop his site and together with his team they moved into a small house. Books were bought so far by people from the United States.

In the first 2 months, the resource began to bear good fruit, with no advertising costs. And a week came out about 20 thousand dollars.

After the 2000's there was a crisis, Jeff did not stop there, and goes further. His first big breakthrough came in 2008 when the company made a profit of $476 million.

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He is a businessman, creator, inventor, and loves to experiment all the time. Owner of Amazon.com and owner of the aerospace company Blue Origin.

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