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Steve Jobs: a success story

Apple founder Steve Jobs is remembered by many as more than just a successful businessman. He is also the designer and designer of the first commercially successful PC and a number of mobile devices. Steve Jobs' success story is closely tied to the popularity of the Mac and the emergence of a whole category of people who prefer only Apple products.

Childhood and Youth

Steve was born in San Francisco in 1955. His parents were not married and his mother's relatives were against the child. That's why Jobs spent his childhood in a foster family. This, however, had little effect on both the inventor's life and his path to success.

In the late 1960s, because of the high crime rate in the area, the family moved to Los Angeles. With their last savings, Steve's foster parents buy a house on Crist Drive. The place is now considered practically a landmark.

Passion for electronics

Jobs' hobbies included programming and technology. As a teenager, Steve even called the president of Hewlett-Packard Company at home. Asking for help with parts for assembling one device. The conversation led to Steve attending several after-school lectures at an HP branch during the summer. After that, he became even more interested in modern technology.

After graduating high school, Jobs enters college, but because of the high cost of tuition he drops out. At the same time, he meets Daniel Kottke, a future Apple engineer, and takes a job at Hewlett-Packard. At work, Steve starts communicating with his namesake named Wozniak. And this friendship allowed both of them to write their names in history.

One of Jobs' hobbies was calligraphy. Though the hobby had no practical application at first, it came in handy later on. On the basis of his calligraphic handwriting Steve designed fonts for his first PCs. And those, in turn, became the prototype of character sets for most other computers.

Launch of his career

Jobs Jobs joined Atari in 1974 at the invitation of Wozniak. The firm is engaged in the development of the first massively popular games such as the Pong arcade. In 1975, Steve begins working on the circuitry for the video game Breakout. His task was to reduce the number of chips on the board. He was to be paid $100 for the removal of each microprocessor.

Jobs took just four days to do the job, even though it usually took several months. However, the computer genius coped with the task in time, and together with Wozniak he split the sum of $700 between them. Having received a decent amount for that time, he left his job at Atari.

Creation of the Apple computer

In 1975, Wozniak shows a comrade his own handmade computer and convinces him to start producing them for sale. In 1976, they are joined by engineer Fernandez and draftsman Ronald Wayne. In early April, Jobs and Wozniak create Apple. To do so, the former sells a bus, the latter a programmable calculator. The amount with which the megacorporation began was only $1300.

In addition to assembling computers, the friends were selling equipment for hacking telephone networks. A special device with a sound source with a frequency of 2600 Hz allowed free long distance calls. With the help of this invention was earned enough money to create the first batch of computers.

The first profit

Jobs and Wozniak's first PC retailed for $666.66. The company's first customer was a local electronics store. The size of the order was only 50 computers. Moreover, the computers were to be delivered fully assembled and ready for use.

There was not enough money for the first batch of parts and assembly. So all of Jobs's friends were involved in creating the Apple I. The place of assembly was his parents' garage. Here for the first time Steve proved himself as a good manager. And the result was 50 models of portable computers, which were the ancestors of generations of future Macs.

The company's second PC, the Apple II, came out almost simultaneously with the IBM model. And in order to make a worthy competitor, Jobs started an advertising campaign and created a beautiful package with the logo for his computer. The technology was great to buy, and by 1980 Steve was already a millionaire. Although his heavy character leads to scandals within the company.

Jobs at NeXT and Pixar

Because of problems with other Apple employees Jobs is suspended. He leaves Apple and almost immediately creates a new firm, NeXT Computer. The models it produced were quite advanced, complete with a 17-inch screen and a hard drive. However, for the mass consumer technology was too expensive.

To explore the details of the biography of a genius, you can watch a film about Steve Jobs. However, few people know that the inventor himself was once associated with the film industry. In parallel with the NeXT Computer project, he created the Pixar company. It was assumed that the firm would advertise the capabilities of the main brand computers.

Successful animated films forced Jobs to reconsider. And after winning an Oscar with the animated feature "Tin Toy," the studio continues to work on creating hits. These include "Monster Corporation," "Toy Story," "Cars," "Ratatouille" and "Finding Nemo." Jobs sold Pixar stock to Disney in 2006 for $7.5 billion.

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Apple founder Steve Jobs is remembered by many as more than just a successful businessman. He is also the designer and designer of the first commercially successful PC and a number of mobile devices.

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