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The young and successful Russian entrepreneur is known as the creator and owner of a network of coffee shops and a "Coffee in" franchise, he started his first business at the age of 16. Vladislav Petlyuk created his first company when he was a university student.

Interesting facts

Vladislav's main task, besides building a business, was the management of a social organization.

Childhood and youth

The biography of the future businessman began in 1995. The boy was born into an ordinary family in the town of Chebarkul. Vlad was born a minute later than his brother.

An active child was engaged in swimming. From the age of seven, hand-to-hand fighting classes were added. Vladislav calls his first startup trade in the local market at the age of 10-11 years old.

The boy's hobby was computers and everything connected with them.

After school Vlad decided to get an education at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (RBIU). He wanted to study at the university, where in addition to theory there is a lot of practice, there are trainings and brainstorming. The graduate chose to major in Business Informatics.

Business and studies

The expectations were fully met. At the university, Vlad created his first startup: the production of souvenir products. Students became partners. During the day, in between classes, the guys discussed advertising, developed a strategy, and prepared new projects, and in the evening Vlad shipped the finished products to the customer.

There were times when the student only had time to work on his own projects, but his instructors did not interfere, helping him with advice, because they understood the importance of having a goal.

A new step forward was the production of stamps and seals, the company "Argus". The network was able to build throughout the country. According to Vlad, it was Argus that became the starting point of the franchise project.

The entrepreneur was looking for a business that would allow him to develop on a new level. Vlad liked the direction of coffee shops. The first one opened in Chelyabinsk in 2016. The start-up capital came from the funds received from the sale of a chain of production facilities.

The new stage

In 2017, Petlyuk moved to Moscow. In the capital came the need for a new business model. The choice fell on the development of franchising throughout the country. It didn't take long for the Finactor Group team to open five to ten new establishments each month.

The businessman plans to build a global network and IT startups. The latter was prompted by the pandemic. The team owns an investment platform and a platform for buying and selling digital currencies.

There is no interruption in communication with the family. Vlad is helped by his brother, there are successful joint projects.

Creating his own family is not the main issue yet. Vlad has a girlfriend. She helps the chosen one, motivates him to work. He also appreciates her remarks and looks from the outside. But the businessman is in no hurry to advertise his personal life: happiness loves silence.

Vlad is active in social networks, he holds webinars, where he talks about business development opportunities and shares his observations and experiences.

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The young and successful Russian entrepreneur is known as the creator and owner of a network of coffee shops and a "Coffee in" franchise, he started his first business at the age of 16.

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